How to Solve Condensation in the Roof Space?

Condensation in roof and loft spaces is quite common in many homes in the UK. Many homeowners are curious about the problem, and want to know how it can be tackled in a proper way.

Why Does Roof Condensation Occur?

It happens when there is a rise in warm air from a home’s main rooms. This warm air often rises to the loft area, and comes in contact with the colder area of the roof deck. In case the surface temperature is cooler as compared to the dew point temperature, there are droplets – signifying condensation. This happens when the air is saturated completely with vapors of water.

What Problems Are Caused by Roof Condensation?

In such cases, air leaks into the attic due to inferior ventilation between the attic floor and the ceilings of the room. Condensation, over a period, can lead to loft space problems such as:

  • Exposure of insulation, and consequent mold and dampness
  • Soaking of roof wood
  • Leakage of condensation to the rooms located underneath through the roof ceilings(in severe cases)

How to Deal With Roof Condensation Problems?

Roofs must be designed and built in such a way that interstitial condensation cannot have a negative impact on their thermal and structuralperformance. It is specified by The Building Regulation. Roofing contractors UK have to make sure that roof spaceventilation is considered as well as delivered properly during roof installation. Various kinds of products are available, which can help roofers deal with any problem in ventilation – such as:

  • Top abutment ventilators
  • Ridge ventilators
  • Concealed tile options
  • Specially designed eaves

The product of choice will be based on the pitch as well as dimensions of the roof design that is needed. It is suggested that installation of a ventilation system is done in the roof, for ensuring a cross-flow ventilation and circulatory air flow. Plenty of suggestions are there on this problem from the industry. The British Standard BS 5250 mentions minimumroof ventilationrequirements. Various kinds of accessories are also available, which can help with roof ventilation – such as fascias, soffits, flexipipe, in-line slate vents andlarge capacity vents. A proper ventilation system can go a long way to prolong the lifespan of your existing roof, or one that you are going to build or install. There will be no structural damage to your roof, and it can minimize the differences in temperature between the roof and the air outside.

Roof Condensation and Underlay

The installation of underlay is one more vital aspect of roof condensation management. In roof construction, a major part is played by Underlay. It has several benefits:

  • Underlay resists heavy wind in severe climatic situations
  • Helps regulate too much condensation
  • Serves as a vital water-resistant layer under the tiles, providing the batten cavity with more protection

Types of Underlay

Underlay happens to be primarily of 3 types:

1) Non-breathable underlay – This solution is more customarily used, and must be set up with suitable ventilation systems, to ensure utmost effectiveness of the same.

2) Vapor permeable underlay – In the UK, this is extremely popular and is used in many homes and properties. It helps expel moisture and does not allow its return. This is a BBA certified product, intended to be used in building ventilated and tiledcold roofs. However, these must be draped and secured well. Thus, it is important to follow the guidance of the manufacturer.

3) Air permeable underlay – These systems have become popular in the last few years. As compared to Vapor permeable underlay, these are able to release greater amount of moisture. However, these are costlier. Thus, air permeable underlay does not offer greater advantage than other types of underlay options in case there is a robust ventilation system. Also, the British Standard BS 5250 has not acknowledged it yet. Thus, based on the project, these have to be chosen with care.

If you are serious about reducing roofcondensation, do not hold back expenses. Set up the best kind of underlay solution, and also have an appropriate ventilation system in place – to make sure that the roof – upon completion – lasts for as long as possible. You can avoid many roof problems over the long-term. Evergreen Power Roofing is an experienced roofing companyworking nationwide in the UK. We have more than 10 years of experience in providing home improvement services for uk homeonwers. Call us Today 0800 689 1894 or click below to get a FREE Quote valid for 12 months.

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