Flat Roof Replacement & Repair Cost in the UK

As a result of its flat design, a flat roof is significantly more likely to leak than any other style of roof. This is due to the simple fact that it will hold more water than a sloped roof, which allows rain to run off into the guttering.

As strange as it may seem, flat roofs are not designed to be built completely flat, regardless of how well they are constructed. The most important thing you can do to guarantee that your finished flat roof will survive (if possible) is to ensure that any rainwater drains off the roof and into the outlets or gutters, rather than accumulating on the surface of the roof. Whenever there is a pool of water, it will result in the growth of algae, sediment, and mosses on the surface materials, which can damage them and limit the average lifespan of the flat roof covering. Sometimes, this requires a whole new flat roof replacement but if you are lucky, you might just be able to get away with a repair.

Are you unsure whether your flat roof needs a total replacement or if it can be repaired?

Although most elements that influence whether you should replace your flat roof appear obvious, some may not be so its important you get your roof checked regularly by a professional. If you require an estimated flat roof repair cost or an estimated flat roof replacement cost, we want to make certain that you understand what you are getting yourself into.

Some people risk leaving their roof alone even though they are aware of a little leak or other damage. It is imperative that you do not take this risk.   By allowing your flat roof to leak for an extended period, you not only allow the wooden timbers to weaken through rot, but you also increase the likelihood of a significantly greater replacement cost soon.

Leaking from a flat roof

The consensus is that a flat roof should be replaced in most cases. Sure, it is not something anyone relishes having to fork out for, but in most cases, when there is a significant leak on a flat roof, the whole roof needs replacing. Generally, the material – felt, for example, needs to be removed so that your roofing specialist can inspect the timbers of the roof and other signs of internal damage. It is also a good idea to have the structure of the building checked to ensure that it is strong enough to have a replacement installed. If roof timbers are rotting away or there are signs of significant damp or mould, there is much more work that may need to be done.

Flooding & Pooling of Water

The consensus is that a flat roof repair or replacement is necessary. This is a job that can be completed at a reasonable price. This is a problem that happens when you see that your flat roof collects water pools instead of allowing it to drain into the gutters. For the water to run off the surface properly, it is critical that you get your pitch adjusted slightly to accommodate this.

However, it is important to point out that the length of time that the water pools and floods has been occurring is important to consider. If water is left for an extended period and on a continuous basis, leaks and rotting can occur. If this has occurred, you may be required to invest in a new flat roofing system.  When attempting to get an estimate for the cost of flat roof coverings and replacement, there are numerous elements to take into consideration.

  • What flat roofing method and materials you choose?
  • How simple is it to go to the top of the building?
  • The area of the flat roof in square metres
  • The location of your project
  • Costs of removing an old flat roof

Replacement of a single ply flat roof costs

When it comes to replacing flat roofs, single ply has always been the preferred material.  How much do single ply flat roofs cost, then?

First and foremost, we will go over what Single Ply Flat Roofs are and why they are the preferred roofing material of choice for many customers.

It is possible to use the single ply system for nearly every sort of application, including new construction, extension flat roofs, garage flat roofs, and so on.

Single ply is an exceptionally strong and durable material, and the flexible PVC sheets are made primarily of synthetic polymer that has been welded together to create a seamless and waterproof product. This is also a popular alternative for replacing your flat roof because of the several advantages it provides, such as insulation.

It’s your choice as a homeowner which one of two methods you want to use, with the cost varying depending on the method.

Cost of a Felt Flat Roof Replacement

How much does it cost to replace a felt flat roof with new felt?

Again, this is dependent on the size of the roof. In some cases, it is advised not to use felt for bigger roof area sizes (measured in metre squared) and instead propose switching to a single ply roofing system. Make sure to obtain several estimates so you can compare prices before proceeding.

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