Roofing Services

Evergreen Power Roofing Services

Certainly we provide quality roofing services in London such as new roofing, re-roofing, flat-roof-repair, felt-roof replacement, convertible- roof cleaning services, roof installation and ensure completion of work on time. Roof repairing and roof replacement can be a bit tedious yet a challenging task, but we make sure to create good quality roofs in less time. Let’s look into different roofing services that we tend to offer in South-East London and parts of East London.

We provide following Roofing services:
  • Re-Roofing
  • All types of roofing repairs.
  • Fascia and Soffits installation and replacement.
  • Guttering installation, replacement, or repairs.
  • Cladding
  • Repointing of chimney stacks.
  • Cement work
  • Flashing
  • Exterior painting
  • Rendering
  • Moss removal, general roof cleaning and maintenance.
  • Protective roof seal coatings.
how much does a new roof cost


Roofing Industry is in great demand these days owing to issues of roof leaking. New roofing technologies are emerging to meet the demands of customers. Attractive roofs add great charm to the interior look of the house and make it more alluring. But leaking and damaged roofs greatly seek the attention and prove to be a great nuisance sometimes. We install new roofs within an economical budget in the U.K. and our services come at an affordable price. Our chief motto is to serve the worthy customers with good quality roofing material so as to prevent any future mishap. We work diligently by utilizing different materials in roof enhancement. We are adept in Asphalt Roofing, Metal Roofing, Cedar Roofing, Slate Roofing, and Concrete Tiles Roofing. The rough cost of a new roof goes very high in the U.K. market. 


We assure to solve all your problems of flat roofing, like unwanted Weed Growth, Flat-Roofing Leaking, Cracking and Blistering of Roof, and replacing it with new roof within a cost-effective budget. Replacement of flat roofs depends upon the size of the house and quality of the material used. Numerous factors determine flat roof replacement cost, such as how easy it is to get access to the roof, size of the roof, kind of roofing material required, removal cost and waste removal expenditure. For instance, Single Ply replacement of flat roofs is a convenient and friendly process for all sorts of garage roofs, flat roofs, and new building roofs. However, the cost of a Warm Applied Ply is comparatively higher than a Cold Applied Ply. Cost of replacement of a flat roof depends upon the requirement of replacement of leaking roofs and its repair average cost. We are not limited to any particular locations and handle many flat roof replacement projects across the U.K and South West London. Hence, flat roof replacement is a serious issue and we deal with it with great care and equipment


We also provide service of felt roofing or roll roofing which is basically a tar paper coating and also known as underlayment installed either over built-up roof or over the surface of wood shingles. It is apparently installed between the roofing shingles and deck. Felt roofing material consists of wood cellulose, fiberglass or polyester and bitumen coating to repel extra water. Felt roofing has several benefits that help you to ward off rain water, provide complete protection against snowfall, weather shielding, protection of roof deck, impart roof uniformity, and avert wood resin stains. Saturated asphalt felt roofing comes in two weights in the market -15 and 30 hundred sq. feet and the latter providing double and superior protection. Product labels generally give a rough idea about the area surface to be covered. No matter wherever you go, we Evergreen Power Roofing Services assure good quality felt roofing in the market. It definitely ensures outbuilding weather protection and prepares your building for all types of weather. It is good for pent roofs, shed felt roofing and newly constructed structure.  


We help our customers to find out whether their building needs a replacement or re-roofing as a new roof can be more expensive. Though re-roofing is comparatively less expensive, it is not feasible every time to go for re-roofing or roof installation and it certainly depends on the roof material already used and the pitch of your house. Re-roofing is the tedious process of adding new shingles on existing roofs. But this process is possible if your house roof is in a good condition with no water damage at all. If your roof is soggy, rotting and falling down, go for roof replacement instead of re-roofing the damaged structure. Re-roofing is a money and time saving process but if your roof is not in good position, roof replacement or new roof installation would solve the problem. If you live in North London and are looking for re-roofing due to severe damage, give us a call. Evergreen Power Roofing Solutions would try to find out the best roofing solutions for your roof damage